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Kenya Travelers Health Surveillance Form

In accordance with the latest directives from the Kenyan government, all foreign travelers eligible to fly to Kenya are required to complete an online Health Surveillance form. This form is a crucial component of the COVID-19 safety measures to be observed upon entering the country.

Guide for Filling Out the Travel Health Certificate

Before proceeding with the form, it's important to review this guide to understand the proper procedure for completing the Traveler Health Surveillance Form when applying for a Kenya e-Visa.

What is the Traveler Health Surveillance Form?

As stipulated by Kenyan law under the Public Health Act CAP 242, all foreign nationals intending to visit Kenya are obligated to provide specific information to a Port Health Officer through an online form before departing from their home country.

The form encompasses a range of questions, including a requirement for travelers to confirm whether they have undergone a PCR-based COVID-19 test and obtained a negative PCR test certificate. This certificate must reflect a test taken within 96 hours prior to departure from the initial embarkation point.

However, a provision exists for diplomatic passport holders, who are expected to present a PCR test conducted no more than seven days before their intended arrival date in Kenya.

Mandatory Submission of the Kenya Travel Health Certificate

All travelers, irrespective of their plans to transit through Kenya en route to another destination, are mandated to submit the online Kenya Travelers Health Surveillance Form prior to embarking on their journey to Kenya.

Acquiring the Health Surveillance Form

The Kenya Travel Health Certificate is conveniently acquired during the process of applying for a Kenya e-Visa. After furnishing personal, travel, and passport details in the Kenya e-Visa application, applicants will encounter a payment section where the visa processing fee is settled. Within this same interface, there exists an option to submit the Traveler Health Surveillance Form.

Upon completing and submitting the form along with the e-Visa application, successful applicants will receive a QR code. This QR code must be presented to port health officials upon arrival in Kenya to facilitate entry clearance.

Travelers who are exempt from the visa requirement for entering Kenya are also expected to submit a travel health certificate.

Key Information for Completing the Online Form

In the online Health Surveillance form, a comprehensive set of questions covering personal, professional, passport, and travel details must be answered accurately. Some vital points to keep in mind while completing the form include:

  • Passport Usage: Utilize the passport that was used for the Kenya e-Visa application when completing the Traveler Health Surveillance form.
  • Dual National Status: If you hold dual nationality, indicate your preferred country during application and specify it in the nationality section.
  • Passport Data: Accurately replicate the information found on your passport's biography page for personal and passport-related data.
  • Email Address: Ensure you provide a valid email address, as the QR code will be sent to this address as part of the Health Surveillance form submission.
  • Travel Information: Provide precise flight information including flight number, airline, and seat details. Mismatched data could lead to processing delays.
  • Medical History: Transparently respond to medical history-related questions.
  • Next of Kin: Supply the name, contact number, and postal address of your Next of Kin.

Travelers Health Surveillance Form

The collection of the following information by a Port Health Officer is mandated under the laws of Kenya, specifically the Public Health Act CAP 242. This data collection serves as a component of the public health response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Kindly note that fields marked with an asterisk (*) are obligatory and must be completed before submitting the form.

Personal Information

  • First name: * (e.g., Jane)
  • Middle name:
  • Last name: * (e.g., Doe)
  • Gender: * (Select Male or Female)

Date of Birth

  • Day: *
  • Month: *
  • Year: *


  • Select Nationality: *

Travel Information

  • Country of Origin: * (Select Country)
  • Date of Arrival in Kenya: * (Day, Month, Year)
  • ID / Passport Number: * (National ID or Passport Number)
  • Phone Number: * (Select the correct country code first)
  • Email Address: * (Confirmation QR Code will be sent here)
  • Airline: * (Select Airline)
  • Flight Number: * (Flight Number)
  • Seat Number: * (Seat Number)
  • Destination City: (e.g., Nairobi)
  • Countries Visited: (Which country have you recently visited?)

Health Questions

  • Fever (37.5°C or higher): * (Select Yes or No)
  • Feeling feverish: * (Select Yes or No)
  • Negative Covid19 PCR: * (Select Yes or No)
  • Chills: * (Select Yes or No)
  • Cough: * (Select Yes or No)
  • Difficulty in breathing: * (Select Yes or No)

Next of Kin Information

  • Name of Contact Person (Next of Kin): *
  • Phone Number of Contact Person:
  • Village/House Number/Hotel: (Residence)
  • Sublocation/Estate: (Sublocation or Estate)
  • Postal Address: (Postal Address)

Remember, providing accurate and truthful information is essential to ensuring public health and safety in Kenya during these challenging times.

Ministry Of Health

Ministry of Health : Covid-19 Travelers Health Surveillance Form QR Code

Surveillance Form


  1. Why do I need to fill out the Kenya Travelers Health Surveillance Form?

The Kenya Travelers Health Surveillance Form is a mandatory requirement by the Kenyan government under the Public Health Act CAP 242. It serves as a critical component of the country's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, helping to track and manage the health status of incoming travelers.

  1. Who is required to fill out the form?

All foreign travelers eligible to fly to Kenya, regardless of their plans to transit through the country, must complete the online Health Surveillance Form before departing for Kenya.

  1. Where can I obtain the Travel Health Surveillance Form?

The Travel Health Surveillance Form can be completed online while applying for a Kenya e-Visa. Once you've entered personal, travel, and passport-related information in the e-Visa application, you will have the option to submit the Health Surveillance Form.

  1. Can I apply for a Kenya e-Visa without submitting the Travel Health Surveillance Form?

No, the submission of the Travel Health Surveillance Form is mandatory for all travelers applying for a Kenya e-Visa. It is an essential step to comply with the country's COVID-19 safety protocols.

  1. What information is required to complete the form accurately?

To complete the form accurately, you'll need to provide personal details, passport information, travel history, flight details, and health-related information. Ensure that you have the correct flight number, airline, seat details, and accurate medical history responses.

  1. What happens after I submit the form?

After successfully submitting the form along with your e-Visa application, you will receive a QR code. This code should be presented to port health officials upon arrival in Kenya to gain entry permission.

  1. Can I use a different passport for the Travel Health Surveillance Form and the e-Visa application?

No, you should use the same passport for both the Travel Health Surveillance Form and the e-Visa application. This ensures consistency in your information throughout the process.

  1. What should I do if I am a dual national?

If you hold dual nationality, you can select the country of your choice during the application and indicate it in the nationality section of the form.

  1. How should I answer the health-related questions on the form?

Answer the health-related questions honestly. Your responses play a crucial role in the health and safety measures taken by the authorities to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  1. What if I don't need a visa to enter Kenya?

Even if you are exempt from obtaining a visa for entering Kenya, you are still required to submit a Travel Health Surveillance Form. This is to ensure that health and safety protocols are upheld for all incoming travelers.

  1. Is the form submission mandatory for transit passengers?

Yes, all travelers, including those transiting through Kenya to another destination, are required to complete and submit the Travel Health Surveillance Form.

  1. What happens if I provide incorrect or false information?

Providing incorrect or false information can lead to delays in processing, denied entry, or other legal consequences. It's important to provide accurate and truthful information on the form.

  1. How will my data be used?

The data collected through the Travel Health Surveillance Form is used for public health purposes and is part of Kenya's response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It helps authorities track and manage the health of incoming travelers.

  1. Is my information secure?

Kenyan authorities take measures to ensure the security and privacy of the data collected. The information you provide is used solely for public health purposes.

  1. Can I change my responses after submitting the form?

Once the form is submitted, you may not be able to change your responses. It's important to review your answers carefully before submission.

  1. How long should I keep my QR code?

You should keep your QR code with you throughout your stay in Kenya. It may be required by authorities for verification purposes.

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